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Westover Club Apartments

18 Westover Club Dr

Norristown, PA 19403



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
The day I moved out of Westover club was one of the best days of my life!<br><br>****My Favorite Westover club story (I witnessed the entire thing from my apartment) was when one of the leasing agents, in a common area (an area about 75 feet wide between the backs of 2 buildings)was in the middle of the day, shooting squirrels with a pellet gun. Someone called the police. ( he told them the squirrels upset his bird feeders)All he got was reprimanded (by the cops) and all the resident manager cared about was who called the cops on him. I called the management company directly, and I got an apology - but he is still living and working here!<br>From spring until, well I'm not sure until when because I still had them when I left, centipedes are taking over the buildings! They were all over the place, in my home, on the balconies, in the laundry room, they are huge and they bite. (and I lived on the second floor so it is not just a musty basement thing) They sprayed my apartment 3 times by thier count - once by mine and the centipedes don't seem to mind. Like a previous poster said - Management says they are no trouble and they show up every year, thanks, so you knew I would live with bugs for my entire lease?<br>Also, people let thier small children run wild. Be very careful pulling into the parking lot as the kids love to dart between parked cars in the lots!<br>On that note - there is no parking. Come 8:00PM - create your own spaces or park in another building's lot and walk through the unlit grounds to your building.<br>The laundry room issues were really the last straw for me. Management decided that they did not like us to use the provided air conditioner in the laundry room (even though it was summer and 100 degrees in there without the dryers going) so they had someone unplug it everytime I plugged it in. Next they bent the prongs, so I unbent them . (umm, again not standing in the million degree heat to fold laundry) Finally they pulled the ground from the plug so the air conditoning is completely unusable. I wonder if they will tell you too about temp controlled laundry facilities?<br>Then they take all the folding tables to host parties (no comment there, I have never bothered) and don't to return them for weeks.<br><br>The only positive things are A) Jack the maintence guy is nice and always available, and B) I did get a free TV for moving in.<br><br>I can't tell you how happy I was to escape. Make sure you ask about the centipedes (and the pellet gun incident) if for some reason you decide to look here!
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Westover Club Apartments

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