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The Addison at English Village



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jamie • Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/10/2002
I moved in 1996 and found that residents back then were nice rental rates were very competitive and although buildings and premises were starting to show it´s age they were adequately maintained. <br> <br>However recently things have been getting so bad that I will be moving out next month and terminating my lease early and paying the 2mths penalty. They refused to budge on this and with no qualms or apologies about the sad state of the development. All they said was "... sorry YOU feel this way..". <br> <br> <br>Main point of concern: <br>- building nearby recently burnt down, late summer of 2001. <br>- fire trucks are called in several times a month, check with local fire department if you don´t believe. <br>- at one point there were frequent occurences of tenants using parking lots as drag strips in the middle of the night. <br>- police have been around almost every month dealing with rowdy tenants in my building area. again check with local police department. One tenant last year was led out handcuffed by the police!!!! <br>- windows are so drafty that the window film I taped around them got blown off!! Even with the film the apartment if freezing in winter imagine without. Frost forms around the window during winter months, water leaks in during heavy downpours. insect screen falls out everytime I open my windows. <br>- you don´t have an option of selecting electric companies, in my aprtment during summer, no A/C running, out most of the day, you´ll run a minimum $60-$70. Winter months about $140. Make sure you consider that. <br>- there´s trash everywhere, premises around apartments are never cleaned, cigarette butts, colt 45 bottles, you name it, everywhere. <br>- insufficient parking for tenants <br>- everyday new creaks in my floorboards <br>- apt sound proofing is horrible, each nite I can hear my downstairs neighbour snoring. <br>- cooking odour from downstair neighbours comes right up and completely fills your apartment <br>- Door locks into the building almost never work. <br>- in recent years rental rates have increased by $30 annually. <br>- the internal security service is hopeless, tried calling them on several occaisions and the either take half hour to respond or you can never get through to them <br>- with the expansion of nearby colleges increasing number of students are moving in. <br>- tons of vans and trucks around. <br>- ice removal and salting is horrible, and when they do it depending on which side you´re parked half your car may be covered in snow. <br>- power goes out once a week <br>- no outside mailbox for rent checks, so you have to be around between 9:00am - 8pm and only til 6pm on weekends to drop off your check if not they´ll charge you $25. for someone working like me I leave before 8 and get back late evening <br>- tons of luxury cars from the nearby neighborhood speed through the main road through the development as a shortcut to get from lower state road to 309 during rush hour <br>- like recent posters torn wallpaper and carpeting here and there in the buildings. <br>- lighting in the basement laundry room was out for several weeks before they replaced them. <br>- what about the abandoned shopping center..., it´s been that way for 4years now. <br> <br>overall, if it had been 4 years ago, I would recommend. but given the progressive state fo decline, frequent security problems, zero improvements in apartment regular maintenance, filth, horrible management I have decided to move out to a more expensive location that´s even smaller rather than staying and dealing with all the problems. <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>
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The Addison at English Village

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