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The Addison at English Village



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/25/2002
Consider the following based on my 1-year living experience in a 2-bedroom, bottom floor apt: <br>*The building next to mine burnt down due to electrical problems <br>*They couldn´t offer housing solutions to many residents who were out of a home - they left it up to them to talk to the Red Cross <br>*My kitchen sink has overflowed - basically vomited black slude - TWICE. Who knows if sewer runs in this as well - wouldn´t doubt it. It took me 3 days to have them get a cleaner to come in and sanitize my apt. - threatened to call the Board of Health. Now I have fuzz and a rotten stench under my sink. This "mystery sludge" was all over my kitchen, counters, ruined a lot of kitchen appliances and gadgets....... <br>*Water refuses to go down the drain in the shower <br>*Bottom floor apt is at ground level - do you think I want to leave the windows open? <br>*ELECTRIC IS ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS - plan on saving for a $150-$180 electric bill during winter <br>*NO INSULATION - WINDOWS SUCK - (see above) <br>*I can hear the (4) small children that live 2 FLOORS ABOVE ME running at all hours of the night. <br>*The outside door is constantly propped open - this is for security - I do not feel safe in this place at all <br>*My apt. smells like cous-cous and curry <br>*Trash everywhere <br>*Poor lighting outside - I wouldn´t dare walk around at night by myself - even down the sidewalks <br>*Management is rude and they don´t care <br>*They´ve charged me improper fees to my rent that took 2 months to reconcile - so I received constant late notices about every two weeks <br>*Apparently they don´t know what is or that it needs to be removed from parking lots and sidewalks. <br>*Gotta love those firetrucks that come for their weekly visit
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The Addison at English Village

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