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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
I am writing to tell you to PLEASE look elsewhere... I am listing the problems with this apartment complex so you don't have to find out for yourself!<br><br>#1. Poor Management.<br>Although when you first meet them, they seem very friendly and helpful...they honestly do not care about your quality of life. When I moved in I was not made aware of the many issues that I would have with the other tenants such as noise, litter, packages stolen... and so forth. When I called or stopped by the rental office I was blown off or told that I needed to call the police to report my rowdy neighboors (although it states in the lease that the management will deal with these issues.) Management never ever returns e-mails or phone calls so you have to stop up at the office and try to corner them.<br><br>#2. KIDS<br>I was not told when I moved in that I would be living in a college dormatory! The complex has a deal with a local tech school and they place three tech students on every floor of each apartment. These students (not always but most of the time) are dirty, rowdy, rude, noisy and difficult to live with. The few times that I worked up the nerve to say something to these students they laughed and slammed the door in my face. Unless you liked living in your college dorm, don't live here.<br><br>#3. Litter<br>There is litter everywhere out front and in the hallways of the apartments. Sometimes you get a nasty smell. The apartment hallways seemingly get cleaned once a month... I was embarrased to bring my friends and family to the place.<br><br>#4. Paperthin walls<br>Imagine hearing everything your neighboors do including using the bathroom upstairs. Every door slam and person walking up and down the stairs can be heard including when the drunken party is coming or leaving at 3 am!<br><br>#5. Garbage dump<br>You have to drive your garbage up to the dump at the front of the complex. Most of the time it is overflowing and totally disgusting.<br><br>#6. Old Laundry Machines<br>There is only one washer and dryer to every building (12 apartments) and I swear that these machines are older than me! <br><br>There are a few nice things about the buildings:<br><br>1. Lots of space for a very fair price! I enjoy the amount of space which you don't get in most apartments.<br><br>#2. Fitness Center and Pool. You get access to a small but nice fitness center and pool access in the summer.<br><br>#3. Nice location. Very close to Robinson.<br><br>Although there are a few nice things about the apartments... I would never choose to live here again. I highly suggest that you look elsewhere.
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