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Pineridge Apartments



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
I strongly recommend avoiding this place at all costs if you do not want ripped off and care about your health. This miserable experience started before I even moved in. First, I agreed and paid the manager the $99 security deposit that they advertise and stated over the phone. He goes ahead and cashes it, but then calls me back the next week and says that I owe another $416 more to cover the security deposit. Ok... I dropped $515 for security deposit. I saw no reason to not get the money back in the end so I dealt with their request. Second, he charged me a $20 credit check fee, but calls it a background check. If he would have just asked me if I had credit I would've told him "No I never owned or used a credit card" I'm only 21. That would have saved me $20 right there. Then he tells me that I need a co-signer... ok. Luckily my parents were going to the airport that week, and could stop by. He went along and charged them $20, and he failed to tell us they needed a social security card and pay stub for the co-signer. So, I had to run home from college that week, while my parents were away and fax these documents in. Alright, so I finally move into the furnished studio apartment. I don't think the place has been cleaned since they built it. There is nasty hair balls and dust everywhere. The cabinets and walls, when wiped down, turned the towel a gross brown color. The wallpaper was very dirty and had bubbles in it. The blinds contained dead insects and dirt. The trim around this apartment was cheaply put together, and wasn't flush against the wall making a perfect home for bugs. The microwave took approximately 3 times the recommended amount of time suggested and still left food cold in the middle. The manager promised a new lamp shade because of how nasty it looked along with new blinds for the same reason, and a latch for the fold out bed. There was also a leak from the bathroom sink. I had lived there for a month at the time and had called them regularly to check up on these items. The manager gave me excuse after excuse and tried to sound like a nice guy, but in reality he was the laziest and dirtiest person that I have ever met. He of course never followed through with these simple tasks. Now onto the disgusting stuff; I found ants the first day that I moved in. I immediately called to get this situation taken care of. The manager said he'd get his highly respected maintenance personnel to come up. That s all that happened; the personnel Came up . I actually found more ants after that. He said he sprayed, but obviously that didn't work. So I called the next week and told him that nothing he did worked, so the guy came up again. You would think the guy would try a different tactic to kill these ants. Nope, sprayed again and more ants. It actually was straight up disgusting when the flying ants broke loose. In a matter of a half hour, there were 40 to 50 swarming ants around the lamp one night. (I of course killed them with paper cloths for my own sanity and was able to estimate this number). So I called again, and told him he should just hire a professional to get this insect infestation taken care of once and for all. Nope, he gave me some lame excuse about how this kind of work needs approved, and he is talking with his supervisor. I don't know how having a professional pest control come up could be a bad thing. Anyways, he said they had some more powerful formula and came up later and sprayed. By this point my apartment smelt like a sewer. That following Monday I woke up, and saw something under the bed. It was a cockroach this time. I killed it of course and read about them on the internet and about how they spread diseases and come out at night in the dark. As it got dark every evening, all I could imagine were cockroaches presence and other insects living among me. Finally, in my last month of living there, I was finally able to have professional pest control inspect the place. It was determined that there were little pests called bird mites living in the apartment. Bird mites actually require blood to survive, so when they were not feeding off of birds they were actually feeding off of my blood, which left marks on my skin. I often slept with a hoody over my head and socks tucked into my sweatpants to avoid contact with these various species of insects and mites. Keep in mind that I occupied this apartment in the summer months from May to August when I wore this clothing. I feel living among these various species of insects along with all the pesticides was a major health concern and nobody paying any amount of rent should be put through this. The manager stated in front of me and my co-signer (father), that I could make payments for rent to him (located on site) to or mail it to the main office across town (What a nice guy looking out for his tenants ) So I took him up on that offer my first month. I contacted him, and he agreed to call the main office and tell them that he received the payment for the first month s rent. Well of course they charged me $50 extra dollars for a late fee because the manager got the check to the main office late, what a surprise... Next, in that same set of mail, I get a second notice to either extend the leasing contract or inform them of my move out date. Of course they re charging another $50 fee even though I never got a first notice. This management is very unprofessional and every situation or problem was an ordeal. I can truly say nothing was resolved, and I never imagined how difficult management could be to deal with. I was never able to sit back and relax when living at this place, literally with bugs coming out of the couch and always worrying if management would do their job and help me. This apartment was nothing but a nightmare since I decided to live there. I am glad that I was only there for the summer with an internship. Just think how miserable it is to go to bed at night worrying about the many insects that live in the walls and what you can t see at night. This company was by far the most unprofessional management company that I have ever dealt with. Luckily, this was only 4 months. Please take my advice and look for apartments elsewhere. This was the worst experience of my life!
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