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777 South Broad



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
If you notice the reviews they are very recent so for the newest residents all I can say is "You don't miss what you never had!". When I first moved into this building it was privately owned and the focus was on great amenities and customer service and satisfaction. I would have given a 5 star review back then. The appliances in each you were high-end brands with great features. The concierge staff was very professional and well trained. Packages were received at the front desk and the concierge staff would assist you if needed and/or delivered inside your unit if requested. There was always a smile and friendly face. Maintenance requests were responded to and handled the same day. Since the new company took over this summer many things have changed. The focus has gone from customer care and satisfaction to profit maximization. No longer are there luxury appliances, concierge service, highly trained property managers, and experience concierge staff. Thank goodness Peter Friel was retained at the concierge desk after the management change. Otherwise, other than location this building has lost is "shine". Let's start with building management. The current property manager is not experienced in property management, yet was put in place with no training during a major transition. Maintenance staff have been let go without timely replacements so repair requests have not been acknowledged or fixed for several days. After sending photos/videos of a broken microwave, the replacement was the cheapest model that could be found. I purchased a better quality microwave for my staff. The concierge service is really non-existent at the point. Packages now will be placed in a locker which is fine but charging for a package locker (if I don't sign up in time) and an additional fee if I can't get to my packages in 3 days seems geared toward the new target market of people who management feels needs a little motivation to be responsible. You can email and call management but all you get is an initial corporate line about how valued you are and they are trying to make things better and more efficient than the previous owner. However, things then go radio silent. So to managements corporate line, I say you have failed so far. I chose this building for a variety of reasons including personalized touches that now seem to be going wayside. It reminds me of the saying... "what happened to the good old days".
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777 South Broad

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