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777 South Broad



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
We recently moved into this building after receiving an amazing tour and being told that we would have easy access to the garage, 24/7 concierge (it was specifically stated during the tour, and move in, that someone would always be at the front desk), and a quick responding maintenance team. Our lease started and we couldn't move in right away because they had not finished prepping the apartment, fine we figured not a big deal, we walked around the apartment quick to see what needed fixing on our own, informed them of our list, and gave them an extra week. Our list including simple things that you would want in an apartment like doors that close and drawers that open. After several requests and nearly a month our drawers remain broken and a door is still damaged. Aimco management is terrible at communicating with residents. They switched to the the Luxor package system, which is fine, but failed to mention the initial sign up fee, and the fee if you don't pick up a package within 3 days (so it seems it's on us to dispute charges if someone sends us any packages while out of town). Then they got rid of 24/7 concierge saying that leasing will fulfill some of those duties during the day. Leasing is never there and on several occasions the front door has been propped open with no one in sight, all strangers are welcome to get in the building. There is also a call line and when I used it I was not asked for any credentials so anyone can get in (number posted at the entrance). Since this change we have already had some stranger in our "private" garage looking through cars. Cops had to be called. This is only week one... They also never gave us the garage strip for our car so the only way to get in is by calling and waiting. Not to mention they abruptly let go some very friendly staff to save money with these new changes (honestly these employees factored largely into our decision to move in). We are not getting what we were offered... There was a day where the fob readers weren't working but there was someone at the front desk. If that happens now everyone will be expected to call and who knows if they will even be able to access things that are already glitchy. They shouldn't be removing any services until the expected services like code entry are installed. There have been several instances since the changes of strangers having access to the building. Disappointed... Hope it gets better.
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777 South Broad

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