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Chapelcroft Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2005
First of all, Chapelcroft Apartments should be renamed ChapelCRUD apartments. My boyfriend has lived there for 3 years and I refuse to go over there- roaches, roaches, roaches, and a rat!! When he moved in, after they told us that the apartment was newly painted, repaired and 'cleaned', all we found were dead roaches, the new paint was painted over the old paint, and there were holes. Everything was held together with duct tape, and the duct tape was painted over. This past Jan.- Mar., my boyfriend had just gotten out of the hospital and was crippled. His heat went and was not fixed until after several phone calls to the office, and his water was not working and came out in black drips. That was not fixed either until after several phone calls to "THE OFFICE". The whole place stinks and is dirty and has made my boyfriend give up and live the same way. The politicians in the neighborhood want to have the place shut down- I wish that they would be more proactive on this issue. The doors to the apartment building are always broken, or look like they have been broken into. They are ALWAYS changing the locks to these doors. However, just go to the back of the building- believe me, Charles Manson could get in- no sweat! But, Charlie baby himself wouldn't live in ChapelCRUD! You remember PIGS and HELTER SKELTER- well, there you have it -----Chapelcroft Apartments- need I say more. Please everyone- find somewhere else to live; I hope that my friend leaves very, very soon- it is destroying him.
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Chapelcroft Apartments

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