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northphillydiva1 • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/15/2006
The subject line says it all; thankfully, the only money wasted on Cricket Court was the $40 application fee.<br><br>The management staff are either very unorganized or BIG liars. I say this because when I went to inquire about a 2 bedroom apartment, I was told by the first young lady that answered the phone that they had "plenty" available, and that I could pick up an application packet at their office. So, on my lunch, I drove there and picked one up. After making copies of my entire life history (they ask for EVERYTHING-pay stubs, bank statements, birth certificate, ID, SS card, etc., etc.), I was instructed by the young lady to call them back for an appointment once I had everything. The next day, I called back and was told to come in the next day (which was last Friday) at 4:30 p.m. I was off from work, so it was perfect. I got there at 4:15 p.m. the next day, and lo and behold--the blinds were shut on the office, and there was a big pink CLOSED sign posted on the window. I rung the bell 3 times--no answer. Then, I peeked in-between 2 parted blinds and spotted a light-skinned African-American woman at a desk, cutting her eye at me, because she knew I caught her sitting there, totally ignoring the fact I was at the door. At the same time, a maintenance man walked past, and I asked if the office was open. He said, "Yes, they're open; they don't close 'til 5". So, since ignorant chick is still sitting there, refusing to answer the door, I called the office while I was standing there. She answers the phone. I informed her that I know for a fact that she sees me standing at the door, and that I'm here for a 4:30 appt. She claims that there were no appts scheduled. After I informed her who I spoke to, she still fails to acknowledge the appt, and told me to LEAVE THE INFORMATION AT THE DOOR! I informed "Ignoramous" that there was NO WAY I was going to leave personal information & a money order at the door and that she needs to open the door and get this information. She finally opens the door, and takes the info. <br><br>The ending to this saga: I get a phone call from the same woman 2 days later informing me that they had NO 2 bedroom apartments available, and that she would "keep me on the list". Big liar! But maybe that was a blessing in disguise, going by the posts I have read here!
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