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Duffield House Association



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
This place is a DUMP!!! WAs okay when I first moved in then slowly got worse. The windows are paper thin and it feels like outside when you stand near them. There is not reason for me to have to keep my head on 80 in the winter just because most of the warm air is seeping through the cracks on the 1 pane windows. Not to mention when my window broke due to heavy rain, yes heavy rain and it took over a MONTH to fix. It only got fixed after one call per day to the leasing office. My toilet broke and instead of it being fix the maintenance man jimmy rigged it and I had to go back and fix it myself. There are people now allegdly replacing pipes but you tell me how many pipes it takes to replace in 1 bedroom over a 3 month span? I have had holes in my walls cut that did not need to be cut. I have had to empty out my closet TWICE for them to cut holes which they never did. NOT TO MENTION when they started this project they busted in the day after thanksviing to start, came in 2 days before christmas to continue, deceided to keep going on MLK day. WHY WOULD YOU DO A PROJECT ON HOLIDAY?? STUPID STUPID STUPID. DO NOT LIVE HERE. They raise the rents by astronomical amounts and guess what you dont get anything extra. Just more rent and the same problems. They are so busy fixing the apartment that they forgot that building leaks whenm it rains, there is mold and water marks everywhere, yet they are renovation apartment?? Confusion dont you want the exteriro to look like something. Also warnining to young women the maintenance men (not the regulars but the contractors) will STALK you and unnnesarily come into your apartment to "check on things" when there is nothing to check on. On more than 3 occasion I have had certain contractors in my home with no purpose at all. They come in look around then decided they want to chat and be nosy. WTF?!?!??! DO NOT LIVE HERE..you will like it for 2 months and then want to move which I plan to do.
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Duffield House Association

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