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Fairmount Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/09/2014
COCKROACHES heavenâ??seriously infested absolutely no pest control just promises from the office they will get it underway but they didn't in the whole year I was there. I didn't notice the problem at first during the tour and was stuck in my lease when I did notice it, but if you look closely you will see the stains in the carpet in the hallway from people squishing them or the dead ones after someone bombs their apartment laying there on the floor. Most of the time maintenance will do a sweep to remove their dead bodies from the hallway but many times I would see the same ones for days. No I was not going to touch nor were anyone in the complex so they just remained until maintenance did. Package receiving is laughable, many times I didn't receive a call or a note they say they slip under your door, the times they did contact me the girl couldn't even remember my name let alone how many packages I had received. FOUL smelling hallways, I mean seriously do not consider bringing company they will quickly divert the conversation back to why don't you guys come to our place for dinner. The complex itself is UNSAFE, you can not rest easy when coming in late from the parking lot or doing laundry you will always be looking around you. I am a single girl and I constantly was on defense. While renting this apartment began opening their homes to mentally unstable people which would not be a problem except it was they were caught roaming the hallways, knocking doors, starting fires and one person even followed me demanding I was her family. Come to think of it I was not given a background check and although I am not a criminal what does that say for people who are...they could be your neighbor. Someone was even murdered while I lived there but they lied to the residents and said it was a suicide. Murdered people! YOU should have turned away at cockroaches! DRUGS you will smell marijuana through the vents at least once a week while living here if you don't count yourself very lucky. I would do laundry alone when it was not broken and always look over my back because an apartment near by belonged to residents who padlocked their door, if that isn't obvious. The pool is not kept up at all to standards and the lifeguards are teenagers, which would be fine but they don't always show up or leave early so that means the pool remains is closed or closes early. Security is nothing short of a joke, outsiders use the pool who do not live there, numerous times vandals jumped the fence and raked havoc on the pool even throwing actual garbage cans of trash in the pool and pool chairs not worrying at all that they will be prosecuted, the lights by the pool were always out and never fixed so getting a description was next to impossible and they knew it too. The only course of action was the management the following day would post juvenile printed notes, not even spelled correctly, around the premise stating the residents will lose privileges if they don't report the vandals at the time of the act. You are management why don't you report it, yes some of management lives on the property but does nothing??? Make sure to add on at least 500.00 for separation fees, cleaning fees they call it but they will nickel and dime you in ways you won't think of. For example everyone has a cleaning fee that should be no issue but they take it even further mailing you letter when you depart of what they feel they need to clean and why they are keep majority of your sec dpst as a result of it. They needed to reclean a clean stove and they felt the need to now want to fully srcub the mold that grew in their furnace closet but not while I was living there. Oh yes I was charged a cleaning fee alright and an extra cleaning fee on top of that. If that weren't enough they charged me for a broken crisper drawer in the refrieg that was broken the same way upon move in and even the manager said it will be in the notes for it to be fixed. IT was not a big deal just chipped on the corner so I did not pester them to fix it but I could have saved 60.00 just for that added fee if I had. Then the real kicker was being charged another extra cleaning fee for the carpet. The carpet that I had to kill so many disgusting cockroaches on even while moving out! So now the cockroaches and their remaining guts become completely my issue and the management once again passes the torch of responsibility that their place is sickly infested. STRUCTURAL issues just look up at the ceiling you will see what I mean. Maintenance who knew my apartment well even disclosed how some are not up to regulation and just continually patched up which will lead to no resolve. Be careful! If you read reviews you probably want to get a good assessment of what you are getting into. These are facts and if you want them as daily happenings then move in but if you want to live without all the added drama then find a nicer place...I know I did.
Fairmount Terrace Apartments Manager07/24/2014

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy your living experience at Fairmount Terrace. Though your review contains a few remarks that are simply untrue, we are sorry you were not satisfied. Our company employs a professional extermination company that visits our community bi-monthly to ensure we do not have pest issues, and we treat all apartments at no cost to our residents. We do offer package receipt for our residents for their convenience, and strive to contact our residents to let them know when they have a parcel in our office. We provide each person a move-in inspection report so there is a record of the condition in which each resident receives their apartment. We also offer a walk-through at move out at the resident's request to ensure that there are no surprises following move out. That said, it's upsetting to hear you were not satisfied, and we wish the very best in your future endeavors.

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Fairmount Terrace Apartments

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