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Joshua House Apartments

2607 Welsh Road

Philadelphia, PA 19114



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
Well I moved to Joshua House March 2006 I've been here almost a year. What drew me to this apartment complex was the huge windows, I hate the boxed in feeling when looking for apartments. After viewing it 2x with my boyfiend, we decided that out off all the places we viewed this was the best. My apartment ended up being on the 3rd floor and it was very updated, I have a fairly new kitchen and bathroom. <br><br> Now onto the good stuff! There are a few things that I've had issues with this past year! 1st- Parking! Its horrible, the managemnt office does give you 2 permits however there are not enough spaces. I have one car and I rarely ever park in the lot, I usually have to end up parking in the street next to the H and I buildings. Which leads me to my next point, there is alot of car related crime around this complex. Example, I moved here in March my car sterio system was ripped out (that by the way is an understatement) in July. I've talked to a few tenants who experienced similar situations. 2nd-Maintenance: Usually they respond within 24hrs. Which for the most part is okay untill you have an emergency like your central air breaking in 100 degree weather, and since you're on the 3rd floor we will say its like 110 degrees! The air conditioning units are old, and suck up energy, in may my bill was 180, june 295, july 330, august 350 and in septemeber it was 200. The worst part was I had to have my air on all day and night because the coldest it ever got was about 82 degrees and that was after they replaced the compressor which I waited 2 weeks for! The building are badly insulated, so if you live on the 1st floor you always have you heat on in the fall/winter which leads to astronomical bills and if you live on the 3rd floor you air will be on all summer! 3rd- Privacy! If you call for maintance and request that they do not enter without you being there they will not always honor that. Happened 2x to me! 4th- The Itercom system! Its a JOKE! Has not worked since I moved in from day 1, management knows about it and claims that the maintence guys are working on it. When someone tries to gain access you hear the buzzing but you cant buzz them in, you have to go and get them at the door. Overrall the location is good and the apartments are nicely laid out, but I definitly have alot to thibk about since I just got my paperwork to renew this lease. I'm defintly going to look around now that I've learned 1st hand what to ask and look for when looking for a new home!
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Joshua House Apartments

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