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Left Bank on Walnut Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
We chose to live in this place for a year because it's close to the train station, and not too far from Center City, but the management is crappy, the apartments were renovated on a budget, and it's much more money than it is worth.<br><br>When we moved in, in one room there were pieces of broken glass on the carpet (which is cheap and ugly - practically the indoor/outdoor variety).<br><br>Management claimed that it had steam-cleaned the carpet, but after a half hour playing on the carpet, our toddler daughter's feet were absolutely filthy. After much nagging, management cleaned the carpet for us, and acted like we should be grateful.<br><br>Management tried to charge us for plumbing problems we did not cause.<br><br>The fixtures are cheap - extremely noisy dishwasher and washer/dryer. Toilets don't flush on the first try. Bathtub drains clog up regularly.<br><br>Laminated countertops weren't caulked properly, so started to swell behind the sink. The only surprise here is that management didn't try to charge us for this. For the price of the apartment, the countertops should be granite or at least corian.<br><br>Air-conditioning units are extremely loud, plus you can see right through the vents in the wall. Want to sleep in one room while someone watches TV in the other? Forget about it, because both noise and light will come right through.<br><br>Management "forgets" to change air-conditioning filters, and the building is extremely poorly insulated, so expect to pay nearly $400 (!) a month for air conditioning in the summer. Oh, and the "impressive" high ceilings don't help with the electric and heating bills either.<br><br>Big windows are poorly insulated, and filthy on the outside. <br><br>Only one end of the building - which is an entire city block long - is handicapped-accessible. If you are handicapped or have kids in a stroller, forget this place.<br><br>Oh, and by the way, we moved out a month ago and we are still waiting for our deposit...<br><br>So, we hated the place and wouldn't live there again, wouldn't recommend it to friends, and hope, for your sake, that you won't live there either.
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Left Bank on Walnut Street

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