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Left Bank on Walnut Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2005
The building is really interesting with great architectural features and some nice amenities. And University City is increasingly becoming an interesting place to be.<br><br>But the building doesn't really realize its potential. The apartments are furnished in a pretty spartan way, with utilitarian carpets, bare white walls and builder quality appliances. <br><br>The most depressing part of it is that management really doesn't seem to have an interest in functioning as a high quality rental facility. They do things like:<br><br>-- lock up the roof deck for the year on October 11!<br>-- continue to rent top floor apartments when they know the roof leaks (after every heavy rain you see large buckets catching the drips in the hallways)<br>-- pretty much ignore tenant questions and requests, instead focusing on rules, rules, and more rules.<br><br>The problem could have to do with the large percentage of students renting here. Sometimes it feels like you are living in a college dorm, and being treated like an unruly kid who isn't paying to live here. <br><br>Also, so many of the folks who live here are just devoid of personality. They will go out of their way to look away or at the floor when someone walks by them in the hallway. The place really needs a personality transplant.
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Left Bank on Walnut Street

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