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Lincoln Green Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
The only good thing about this place was that I could walk to school. I am a clean freak and was miserable with my bathroom for the two years that I lived there b/c they just put molding over the previous renters mildew in the shower/bath, which I did not realize during my inspection. Within two weeks the mildew was growing through the molding along the tub. My family and friends made fun of me b/c in order to keep the bathroom clean I used pure bleach every weekend to kill the mold growing and keep it white. Also, I wish I had taken photos when I moved in b/c I KNOW that I left that place CLEANER than I got it yet they would not give us the entire deposit back. So take pictures!! The kicker though is that in this "gated" community my husband's car was totaled in a hit-and-run. They did not care at all so do not expect any help from them if anything like that happens to you. The manager said that she would make flyers to place around the development re: the hit-and-run, but we never saw one. Oh yeah, one more thing. They told us when we were looking at the place that no college students could live there, but there are tons. In addition to the fact that I know they were college students b/c I talked to my neighbors who actually attended the college down the street, it is clearly evident when you are trying to leave for work in the morning and that university's bus is parked on the street (in my way) picking up the kids for school. These college kids leave beer bottles all over the place and for some reason feel the need to fly through the parking lot at 50 mph. They have the school stickers on their car, which is how I know I am not blaming the wrong people. If you have a pet and need a place to live for a short time, then you will be fine here, but take my advice and be careful!
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Lincoln Green Apartments

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