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Montclair Duplex Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2012
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Office Staff
Montclair is lovely place once you see it, but be fore warned this place is a nightmare! Appliances and amenities are dated. Closet doors are ridiculously old and outdated. The bathroom looks as if you stepped back in time. The washer has no lint filter, so once a month depending on much you use it, it will leak and maintenance will have to come out and repair it. Windows were drafty until they replaced them this year, but who knows how the new ones will hold up since the chalk around the edges is already starting to come off. If you live on the second floor your downstairs neighbors will complain about everything you do, from you walking too hard, to the volume of your television. If you live downstairs be prepared to be the complainer, you can hear everything your upstairs neighbors do and I mean everything!!! If you live downstairs be prepared to remove snow on your own, although it's suppose to be a shared venture with your upstairs neighbor as per the lease agreement you sign. Complain about it to management and you'll get no action. Management is totally inaffective. Marge the current office manager is completely incompetent. Her solution to most problems is to either ignore it or send out a letter reminding you of what your lease states. The rent increases every year with no new renovations, they cite water and trash prices as reasons for increases if you believe that. There is no place for kids to play or any kind of recreation facility onsite. The park is close if you like walking up and down hills. Trash pick up is done by a private contractor but good luck with that because they're selective on what they take and usually pick up the trash after 3pm. Street snow removal is like living in a ghost town, so even if you did manage to shovel yourself out, getting to the main street is hazardous. Now it may sound like I'm a disgruntled former tenant, I still live here. I'm just stating the facts you won't see in the brochure. Move in if you like, but looks can be very deceiving. If you do choose this place, have them show you an actually apartment instead of that glamoured up sample they try and pass off to the unsuspecting and you'll see for yourself! This Place Sucks!
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Montclair Duplex Apartments

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