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Overbrook Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
This was the worst expireince of my LIFE. i almost lost my job, (oversleeping) because I had a GAS leak. the neighbors would knock and I didnt wake up. Finally after a few days. a neibor caught me and asked me if i smelled gas. <br>SURE enough it was MY apartrmetn. I had been complaining about the mice, they blew out the pilot. it was so frustrating that I no longer cooked. there was enough mice poop to fill a bag. it looked like burnt rice. <br>the landlord had the NERVE to try to sue me. I kept pictures from the day I moved and I sent him copies. I never heard from HIM again. <br>He is a slum lord. He hired crack head. every other week there was a new crack head. I am not saying this to be mean. I am tellign the TRUTH. <br><br>I got nose bleeds from teh HEAT. We could n ot control the heat in teh building. the elevator NEVER works. It looks great outisde but DONT move there. So many crimes (rapes, robberies) happend in that building. THe laundry room is NOT safe. one of the maitenance crack heads were charging people to go in, His MOTHER was washing the clothes LOL. <br>OMG nightmare to explain. I would rather sleep in a good will clothes box (youv'e seen them) than to live there. Food would be missing out of the tenants fridges. The maintenance man would be drunk and high. <br><br>There would be 10 people livign in a studio, the noise, the fights , people on the roof watching you shower. all types of Crazy ----. It was a hellllll hole. the mice would offer you a drink if they could. Htere woudl be mice droppins in the bed. I am CLEAN so imagine some of my less cleanly neighbors. <br>OMG. I am so happy I am out of htere. Hell Hole to the 90th power plus tax. <br><br>I couldnt beleive the rudeness of the owner, Mr, Berger. Slum Lord to the 10thousanth power. Everyone had different rent. The cops were always in the building, waiting to get buzzed in (can you imagine) drug dealers, (teh maintenance men most times) , prostitution, everything you can think of went on in there and still does. OMG. Thank God I am free. <br><br>I feel like bursting into a MLK speach. that placed sucked sweaty 800 pound work out booty. I WILL NEVER EVER live at such a hell hole again. BEWARE. It will never get better.
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Overbrook Gardens Apartments

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