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Overbrook Gardens Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2009
I see that no one has reviewed for about a year. Now there's no mice but plenty of roaches. You won't see one every day, but just about every three days you'll see them--anywhere and everywhere. I've found them in my dresser where there certainly isn't any food for them to find. They do spray twice a month but it's not a big help with so many kids leaving crumbs and cookies. The neighbors are generally quiet--except when they blasted music at 8 am, or when there are odd electronic noises coming through the bedroom walls which make it difficult to sleep. UPS and the post office are really lazy in this neighborhood. It takes forever to get anything delivered since you have to sign for all your packages due to fear of theft. I haven't seen/heard any crimes going on in the building but there's plenty of ambulances and cop cars that tear through the neighborhood, sirens blaring, at all hours. The outside is kept up very well, the apartments don't look bad. Unfortunately all the problems with this place won't show up until you've already moved in. On the positive side, the maintenance is relatively fast. Laundry is sort of expensive. Parking is variant depending on the day/time, weekends are a pain to get parking. The shrubs do sort of encroach on the walkways and once or twice the back door has been broken. All the problems add up to my large dissatisfaction with this place. And yes, you still can't control the heat which is very dry and will give you nosebleeds.
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Overbrook Gardens Apartments

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