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Park Towne Place Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/29/2005
they will f*ck you over. unless you have money to throw away because you are rich, do not move here. it is a waste of money and time. valid claims:<br>1. took about one month (3 weeks and 3 days) to fix air conditioner during july 2005.<br>2. took 2 weeks to fix toilet that was clogged in dec. 2004.<br>3. had rats, roaches and ants for first 3 months living in apt. and found dead rats in hallway all year round (both years, on floor 15 and floor 5, south building).<br>4. many hallways have none working lights, a nasty smell or they are flooded.<br>5. laundry only holds half a regular load for $1.75... huge rip off.<br>6.comcast WILL charge you more for living in that complex than any other house in the area for REGULAR cable.. they call it a "tax and service fee"<br>7. your paperwork WILL get LOST.<br>8. they will put your rent check as credit to another aptment. <br>9. they will charge you a late fee for this.<br>10. they will say ONE thing and DO another.<br>11. they will not send you a bill, and then charge you a late fee for not paying the bill they never sent you.<br>12. they will NEVER give you the 100 dollar deposit back... EVER. even if you dont move into the apt. and it stays vacant and un used. and it is EXACTLY the same as when you moved in. they keep the money.<br><br>I lived ther 2 years, and left early. During my second year, I broke the lease because I was so upset with their managment. I regret living there and giving AIMCO my hard earned money.<br><br>oh I forget.. it took 3 weeks before they fixed the hole on my friedns ceiling in her shower... they "closed it" with duck tape and cardboard boxes! called a "temporary replacement"<br>
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Park Towne Place Apartment Homes

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