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Park Waverly



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2001
This complex gives another meaning to the cliche "looks can be deceiving". I´ve lived here far longer than I should have and am moving out because of 1 too many incidences. You could say this last incident was "the straw that broke the camel´s back". <br> <br>The following are personal incidents I have experienced in Adams Run Apartments: <br> <br>1) At one point I lived on a first floor apartment and was stalked. There were many times where I caught someone walking outside of my window and looking in. (In one of the other buildings in the complex the perpetrator actually jumped through the window onto a young lady). <br> <br>2) After moving to a second floor apt. in another building in the complex, my apartment was broken into by the maintainence staff. This was proven and they were fired. <br> <br>3) The most recent is that someone broke into my car by smashing three of the windows and stole valuable items and ruining the upholstery. <br> <br>The irony of obeying the rules at Adams Run is that they claim no responsibility. They don´t assign parking and if you double park or block someone in (even if you know them) they tow you. You have to park where your car is not in plain view....we did so and in a matter of hours our car was broken into. Their security is worthless. They have a gatehouse in which people who do not live in the complex have to sign in. As a test, three people came in yesterday to visit and not one of them was stopped. <br> <br>The following are incidents that happened to people I know in the complex: <br> <br>1) There was a fully loaded gun found in one of the parking lots <br>2) Several apartments have been raided <br>3) There have been gunshots <br>4) Peoples cars have been broken into <br> <br>In sum, Adams Run Apartments are not safe for you, your family or your cars. I wouldn´t advise anyone into moving to Adams Run. Although the apartments are reasonably priced, I´d rather pay more. My safety is worth it.
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Park Waverly

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