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Philadelphia Regency



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razat • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
been here a year so far and since I knew what I was getting myself into, I must say im pretty satisfied.<br><br>THE GOOD:<br>- its cheap. the same size apartment a few miles down in center city would cost you double. <br><br>- a great subway stop. its right on the corner and also is a stop for the express and the china town lines.<br><br>- you can keep a car for cheap. you can always find street parking but i must really insist you look into the secure underground parking they provide for only $80 more a month (cheaper than the $250 it would cost a month in center city)<br><br>- theres a deli shop that sells a lot of other things right downstairs, along with a dry cleaners/alterations place.<br><br>- they just upgraded the laundry facility so its great.<br><br><br><br>THE BAD<br><br>- you are in the ------. yes it can be a bit rough and depressing but thats why you get everything for so cheap. <br> - because its the ------, you choices for food within walking distance are two deli shops, a chinese food place, and a host of fast food (mcdonalds, checkers, and KFC) but maybe you are into that sort of thing.<br><br>- half crackheads, half temple kids. the crackhead half can be disrespectful and dirty up the place, but i havnt had any personal problems with them. <br><br>- invest in heating and cooling. it gets damn hot in summer and you will thank me for telling you to get a best AC they have. Also a heater wouldnt hurt for the few nights it gets REALLY cold. <br><br>CLOSING COMMENTS.<br><br>- yes you might see a mouse or two (i found out how they were getting in and plugged the holes) but i cant put that as a bad since my friends who live in nicer parts of philly also have rodents. i have not seen any bugs.<br><br>- like i said before, if you know what you are getting yourself into this place isnt half bad. Its a give and take thing. if you want better location, be prepared to shell out more for a smaller apt, and lose the car unless you are loaded. OR live in the suburbs (im a definite fan of the city though)<br>
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Philadelphia Regency

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