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Sherwood Crossing Apartments and Townhomes

3400 Red Lion Road

Philadelphia, PA 19114



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2005
This place is horrendous. Not to mention I was shown a completely different apartment than the one I moved into. We were told that we got "new" rugs. Not new. Not that I need new rugs, but don't lie to me. The doors have been painted so much that they stick. The bathroom is a joke. They solve any problem with caulk and spackle. Sometimes things need to be REPLACED!! The door to my building does not lock, the door knob is almost hanging off, the mailboxes look like they're going to fall out of the wall. My front door doesn't securely shut, there is no seal around the door and the wood was split along the door frame. They came out and put three screws in the door frame and that was supposed to be sufficient. The tiles in the bathroom are constantly coming loose, I have already had a roach issue, as well as issues with mice. The verticals in the living room suck, are probably the cheapest crap you can buy and don't last. I've been here less than 2 months and I dread coming home to that mess. Someone's car window was shattered with a rock right outside my bedroom window. Loud and ignorant people are drinking outside, leave empty cases of beer and beer cans all over the front of the property. And if you can't fit your trash in those nasty dumpsters, it's b/c the slobs across the street use those dumpsters instead of putting their trash out like normal people. I am a clean freak and I like my place to be orderly. I also like it to not have dirty brown roaches in it. Another problem is that the place just plain smells musty. The kitchen cabinets never shut right b/c there are about 75 coats of paint on them. I can't even open my dryer b/c the light fixture in the bathroom prevents me from opening the bi-fold doors. I HATE IT HERE. What a waste of my hard earned money.
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Sherwood Crossing Apartments and Townhomes

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