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St Ive's



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
When I first moved in a little over 2 years ago I thought it was gonna be a place I'd settle for a few more years!!! I recently had no choice but to sign a new lease because I couldn't get money saved to move out an they even screwed that all up... Last summer my air unit stopped working and they didn't do anything till the middle of the week and I have a baby which makes it priority.... Alls they did was put a cheap window unit in and that didnt cool off my libibg room at all and when tey fixed it finally the guy wouldnt take thewindow unit out i had to do it myself.. My sink got clogged and i had to leave it like that over night and they tried to blame it on me cuz I put food in the garbage disposable Gail an the maintenance workers words were that the garbage disposal isn't for food.... My shower has been burning me since I moved in and nothings been done about it the workers claim they fix it than I shower and get burned at least 3 times in 10 minutes.... My electricity is high even on a budget I'm paying $164 for a 2 bedroom I blame it on the old unit they hve here and they won't replace it... My car was broken into a few weeks ago with the alarm on and the security said that's not possible well security I got it checked out and it is possible my car was unlocked from the inside that day so where were they? The tennis court has roots coming out of the ground their little play groin has blunt and condom wrappers all over plus it's tagged up... The pool either smelled like urine or too much chlorine but now it doesn't matter because they are charging for the pool... There are abandoned cars all over the lot... In my building as u go to your apartment the carpets are ripping and are so badly stained it's not even funny they're suppose to have people clean it... One of te maintenance workers always asks me for alcohol and always tries to come hang out with me in my apartment after I told him no multiple times I think he got fired tho now... Another worker stole my plunger an when I asked multiple times for him to give me it back or another one he ignores me I know it's just a plunger but it was a good one. I'm pregnant now with an almost 2 year old and they refuse to fix my once again broken air unit till Monday and it's 81 in my apartment!!! An I'm tired of hearing rodents in the ceiling I think they might've gotten into the ducts for my air... Also the neighbors slam the hell out of the doors every damn day and people drive by blasting their music at 1-5 in the morning sometimes waking my son up... Don't move in here I'm breaking my lease ASAP
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St Ive's

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