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St Ive's



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/19/2007
THE REAL TRUTH IS . . .Yes everyone's experience is different. I have had nothing but horrible experiences since I have been here the past 3 years. The maintenance people are not efficient at all and yes I believe that it took them 2 years to fix a damn window screen because it has taken them a over year to fix minor issues in my apartment, like my toilet running all the time, and botched up repairs that they have made that need to be RE-Repaired. <br><br>The problems are WAY more than cosmetic. St. Ives may look pretty nice from the outside, but its the WORST! You must have a good friendship with the maintenance people because everyone I know that lives there says the same thing, they don't tend to issues in a timely fashion. I have about 10 different issues in my apartment that I have been complaining about for the past YEAR, and they're still not fixed! My carpet is infused with cigarette smoke and I don't even smoke. They claimed they changed the carpet when I moved in, but I don't believe it. R u an animal lover??? Well how would you like to be living with a RACCOON directly above your apartment, with a closet trap door that doesn't close at the top. I'm afraid that I'm gonna come home one day and the little sucker will be sitting there waiting to bite me and give me rabies! And what the hell does being a "DO NOT ENTER" tenant mean to the office and maintenance people--NOTHING!! I have been intruded on 2 separate occasions when I have specifically told them that I do not want anyone in my apartment when I am not there. I guess they thought they could just come in as they please. One time, I was in my bed asleep with no clothes on when I heard a loud knock and someone yelling maintenance at my BEDROOM door at 1 in the afternoon. I am a woman and I live alone and was terrified and I called the leasing office to complain. When it snows they don't put salt down, I have walked outside and literally fell all the way down the steps and hurt my back. There is never any parking b/c they don't regulate the number of cars that are there that don't even belong to tenants--people leave their beat up --- company trucks in the lot taking up 2 spaces. They advertise it as being a gated community! HA--that damn gate has never been closed since once since I've been here. That's just to make people think they're concerned about our safety here. They let anyone in here so that's not the case. The tenants are SLOBS--I do agree with that. Most of them are dirty, stinky, and unemployed. The people in my complex downstairs live in a 1 bedroom apt with 6--yes 6 people all living there--including their 4 noisy, bad kids that tear up the common hallway and pull the fire alarm almost once a month. This place is as worse as the projects. The buildings are all run down, steps crumbling, paint chipping. Its not worth the money we pay to live here--6 and 700 dollars. If I had of known it would be this bad I could have saved the $700 I pay a month here and go and live at the Richard Allen Projects in North Philly and pay $50 a month with the rest of the section 8 people. Well neither have I been shot at, but there have been a few incidents of burglaries and murders here since I have been here. Someone broke into my downstairs neighbor's apartment a few months ago and robbed them dry. Most prob didn't know that since things are kept so hush hush around here. Oh and what about the guy that was tied to a chair, shot in the head, and killed this summer in his apartment (the apt with the direct tv dish in the window on the third floor as you go out the exit gates). "Home invasion" they called it--yeah right! With all the drug dealers riding around in their souped up cars, I'm sure it was prob a deal gone bad. <br><br>It is what it is and St. Ives really needs to step it up. This place is a dump. Coming from a person that has lived in well to do areas, this is not my idea of a nice apartment complex and I can't wait to leave.
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St Ive's

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