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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/16/2005
The comments on here that sound like advertisements are definitely posted by Summit Park staff - the parking situation is impossible...my girlfriend is a bartender and comes home and is forced to walk several blocks in the dark to get home - there are towning signs - but I called the tow truck guy and he told me that since summit doesn't enforce the parking passes that it is too much trouble for him to go through a huge list of license plate #s that he is given. On weekends there are many many cars that don't belong...you won't have a parking space. Expect to get tickets. Maintenence has had to come 2-3 times for each problem and never seems to know how to handle it until the one competent employee takes charge. The apartements are crap - my carpet is cut so roughly it has a 2 inch gap between it's end and the wall. I have many bug problems because I live on the the ground floor, my bathtub is lined with rust. The parking lot is strewn with broken beer bottles on the weekend and I am very unsatisfied with this place. Save yourself stress and trouble and find a different place to live. I had the upstairs apartment leaking water through my ceiling for a week - maintenance came 4 times - said they fixed it - the painter came and painted the ceiling - 2 days later my ceiling was again pouring water and ruined..my floor stained. It took 3 more weeks for the problem to be fixed and 4 more weeks for the cleanup and painting. MY floor still has not been shampooed. Don't beleive the fake posts on here and trust me, I have lived here too long and can't wait till i get out of this hole.
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