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Carriage Park Apartments

300 Chatham Park Dr

Pittsburgh, PA 15220



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mkinpa • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2007
My lease is up in March 2007, Can't come quick enough. I went to management numerous times for the year I have been here and they are nasty and need training in Communications Skills in speaking to tenants. We pay their salaries do we not? YES! All of the people on here who responded to this complex as being so grand is more than likely of Middle Eastern decent and get PERFECT TREATMENT. If your Caucasian or any other ethnicity, you get treated like garbage. When I sent a 4 page letter to Dreyfuss headquarters, they too NEVER responded after I specifically asked for one. So they too are NO better than the management here. As for the high GAS BILLS, Call the Public Utilities Commission to get your answers, because they certainly do not give them at this place. We as tax paying citizens have the right to have a break down of any utilities we pay into... All Carriage Park gives us is a little scrap of paper that has an amount we owe and a 2.00 dollar fee for something labeled as "OTHER". what is this "OTHER" fee for, certainly not taxes. I demand to know. And how can I be spending $90.00 dollars in heat for a one bedroom when I'm rarely home and keep my heat down to the bare minimum? And other people I know who have huge homes pay only 100.00 dollars for their gas bills? The management will respond to this ad for sure. But when you go to them personally for answers they won't respond directly and will tell you one thing and if you send your friend in a week later they tell them something different. They will respond behind a computer because they fear for their jobs that's why. What GAS COMPANY does Carriage Park even use? Is it Columbia Gas???? Because if so, I would like to call them and discuss with them how Carriage Park is ripping off their tenants. The last I checked, I never heard of a Gas Company or Utility Company called "Carriage Park Utilities". So whose the money I'm paying these winter months for my gas going to? <br>I definately do not recommend this place and as for Lisa the manager, she can find a new job that doesn't deal with the public. Find a nice desk job away from the public girl.
Carriage Park Apartments Manager01/24/2007

The $2.50 fee you are seeing on your gas bill is a service fee for preparing the bill. Utility companies will often call this a customer charge, service fee, administrative fee, etc. Carriage Park is a customer of Columbia Gas, residents are not a customer of Columbia Gas. I will again post how residents gas bills are computed.<br>The gas meter is electric and measures time only. When the thermostat calls for heat the gas valve opens and the gas meter is energized. The gas valve is either open or closed.<br><br>The gas meter measures time and measures 1/10 for every 6 minutes of use. When the thermostat is satisfied the gas valve closes and the meter stops.<br><br>When the meter is read for the current period the previous reading is deducted from that number which gives the usage, in time. That usage is given to the company that generates the gas bills. That company has a listing of the various furnace sizes installed in every unit. The furnace size is measured in BTUs which indicates how much gas would be consumed in a given period of time.<br><br>To compute gas usage in therms for a particular apartment/townhome the steps that are taken are as follows:<br><br>Usage (in time) X Furnace Size in BTUs = CCFs (100 cu feet of gas OR 1 therm)<br><br>Example:<br><br>Current reading 34741.9<br>Previous reading -34663<br> Usage 78.9 (time)<br><br>78.9 (minutes) X .5 (CCFs used per minute on a 50,000 BTU furnace) = 39.45 CCFs (therms)<br><br>39.45 therms X $1.63493 (gas rate paid for that period) = $64.73 gas billed<br><br>The gas bill you receive only refects the time the gas valve was open and the rate charged for that period. It does not show the computation for the size of the furnace.<br><br><br>As far as responding to you via computer you really leave me no choice. Instead of contacting me, Danielle Cannon the property manager, you choose to ask your questions annonymously on a website. I encourage you and any resident of Carriage Park to contact me directly if you have any questions you feel have not been properly answered. But I would like to point out there is a difference between a question not being answered and not hearing what you want to hear.<br><br>Lisa, the assistant manager, is one of the most polite and capable property management professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. But if you feel you have been treated unfairly by her or anyone at Carriage Park I strongly urge you to contact me.

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Carriage Park Apartments

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