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Crane Village Apartments

651-1b Oaklynn Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15220



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2002
I live in this complex and though I have had a pretty pleasant stay (as i never dealt with the managemnt and paid my rent 5 days earlier always), I have to agree with the other reviewer´s point of view that the managemnt is not very Honest. <br> <br>The managemnt also manages Carriage Park. When my lease at Carriage park was up and I wanted a bigger apartment they (carriage park) did not give me one and sent me to crane Village thus I came to stay here.... <br> <br>When I came to Crane Village they had posted a sign saying $65.00 off the rent. That a big lie. The usually hike the rent by 65 and then put up the sign. I know others who pay even less and these individuals had rented apartments during the full fare period. <br> <br>When our lease was up here we wanted to move back to Carriage aprk. <br> <br>The Carriage Park staff hid apartments from us as we wanted to move out of Crane village. Carriage park is out of the city limits and hense is more attractive. The managemnt of Carriage park tries to get people in to Crane village if they find them desperate. <br> <br>The manager is a liar and his counter part at Carriage Park a rude one. <br> <br>We dceided not to stay at both places.
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Crane Village Apartments

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