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Crane Village Apartments

651-1b Oaklynn Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15220



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terracedweller • Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I'm not sure if these people are telling the truth or not, but I've had no bad experiences whatsoever... maybe management changed hands? Maybe I'm just lucky. <br><br>We've had no problems with maintenance (except, once, in fixing our fridge, they knocked out the lightbulb and we had to replace it ourselves). The tennis courts have been repaved, and the pool has been refurbished. They're planning to add a fenced-in dog park and provide plastic baggies. The cleaning people even empty the ashtray on my porch. The laundry room is pretty dismal, yeah, but it's an apartment complex laundry room! What do you honestly expect? <br><br>At least things do get fixed eventually when they break. The world is not perfect, people, and sometimes you're not gonna have instant gratification! If it's the heat or other vital necessities, that's one thing, but no tennis courts is nothing to cry about.<br><br>The walls are thin, but I didn't notice any actual holes in them. (I grew up in an apartment, and the walls are always thin.) Furthermore, we had brand new carpet and paint when we moved in two years ago. The bathroom is tiny, but at least it all works, and barring one problem with the toilet -fixed immediately- it always has. And as far as bugs go, the only ones we've had are drain flies (like fruit flies but living in the garbage disposal) which were our fault and easily fixed with bleach spray. We do, mind you, live on the terrace level, not too far from the woods. Even parking is OK. We've never had to park even as far away as the next building. <br><br>The only thing we dislike is the radioactive tower of blinking death up the hill, in Banksville Park, and the total and complete lack of sidewalks anywhere in Banksville. <br><br>The neighbors themselves are definitely from a wide range of backgrounds, including Muslims (in both western and traditional dress). I've never had a problem with any of them. Most are friendly, in fact, provided you're not an ignorant racist whose comments should have been screened out for intolerance. In fact, the worst neighbors we ever had were a young white couple, both of whom worked in a bar till 3 AM, and who one day broke up very loudly, with all their windows open. Oh, and the two white guys who tried to steal cable, right below our open bedroom window at 3 AM. (Mind you, I'm white, got nothing against white people, just pointing it out for the sake of illustration.)<br><br>Now, we've never paid rent late, nor have we had any reason to talk to the management, so this might be a big factor. But otherwise, you get exactly what you pay for-- a decent (not luxurious) apartment in a decent (not ritzy) neighborhood. For fivehundredsomething, you're definitely not getting a mint on your pillow. It's not Green Meadows, what do you want? Either take some sacrifices, or pay more and live in a private duplex.
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Crane Village Apartments

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