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Crane Village Apartments

651-1b Oaklynn Court

Pittsburgh, PA 15220



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kvalko718 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
I live at Crane Village twice in my lifetime. Once for 1 year in 1999-2000 and then 2003-2005. I found the manager to be rude when it came to discussing an electric bill in 1999. I had a faulty central air unit during the hottest time of the year, in August 2000. I complained and the maintenance staff came twice to fix it. Once they told me it needed to be recharged. I thought they fixed it; however, no cold air could be felt. I complained again the next week and some old man told me it was a bad compressor and it needed to be shut down until a new one needed to be ordered. It took 3 weeks for them to repair it. However, in those 3 weeks, I sweat my --- off. When it was (supposedly) fixed, it still didn't seem to cool off the apt. I was moving to Cleveland due to my job and received a bill from the electric co. stating that I had a $400 bill for the month prior to the a/c was starting to crap out. I went to the manager to possibly (yea right) to share the electric bill since it was the apt's faulty equipment that wasn't working correctly. He laughed and told me it was Duquesne Light's outrageous charges that caused such the overage. I vowed at that point not to move back to a Dreyfess Managed company.<br><br>Years later I found myself in Pittsburgh again and Crane Village was the closest complex in my price range to my job. <br><br>Defore I moved in, I asked pointed questions concerning my picked out apt's air conditioner. I wanted proof that it had been maintained. I was shown information concerning it's last inspection. I was ok with it and moved in. <br><br>I had no problems with the staff or any of the utilities until early 2005. The tenants that lived next to me were mostly long-term residents except for 1 apt. The tenants they moved in and out of that 1 apt could have been my son and his friends. They were young and noisy with no respect for others. Who paid their rent was my question? Probably their parents. However, the 3 people that lived in that apt in 6 months were all evicted. <br><br>I wouldn't have moved out except for the tremdous increase in rent. It would have gone from 550 to 670. I could not understand why other than Crane Village wanted to recoup their money from their lawsuits pending. <br><br>The one other thing I have to say which I find amusing is Crane Village also seemed to be the place for people of Indian descent to move to. It seemed when I moved out, it was becoming an Indian community. Don't get me wrong I am definitely not racist; however, I find the correlation between the discount they offer to UPMC employees and the amount of influence of the Indian culure influx amusing. <br><br>I think they are way over-priced for the small amount of space they offer. The Dreyfuss Management Company is not hiring the correct employees to manage and maintain their establishment. <br><br>I believe
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Crane Village Apartments

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