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Greentree Village



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
I moved into greentree village apartments because I knew vicki from church and she seemed very nice. Boy was I mistaken. We have had heat only one weekend since march the weekend it snowed she turned the heat on a little. When asked about it her response was she has a 5,500 a month gas bill, (for over a hunder apartments) I had to call the health department in order to get the heat turned on. The windows along the hallways are always opened so anyone can come in on the rare occassion that the security doors are actually closed. There are centipedes and spiders evrerywhere. The tiles in my bathroom are so old that they fall off if you touch them. The upstairs bathroom drains into my kitchen sink and the toilet clogs up if you use more than eight squares of toilet paper. The apartment is a decent size for the price but only if you are used to living in alaska. It has been below 30 degrees at night many times and we have no heat. Her maintance supervisor is lazy and does nothing but complain and whine about the other workers so they can not keep a maintance crew. There have been three different workers in th eight months that I have lived here and if you get talking to any of them they will tell you that the supervisor is lazy and a hipocrate and no one on the staff likes vicki because she is tude and cheap. the few maintanance staff that have been here throught th eduration are very nice, except the supervisor. He actually had her call to correct me because I asked him to let a ten year old little boy into his apartment, because he was locked out, She said I didnt go through proper protocol....he's ten get real. It looks nice from the outside but there have been many issues with people going into apartments and things coming up mising. Also I parked out front and someone smasked my mirror off my car, many cars turn up keyed and with flat tires. The fridge is so old you have to chose if you want cold milk and freezer burned food, or alright food and spoiled milk, you can't have both.. The walls are so paper thin you can hear the neighbors urinate. You can here them talk and even when the TV or radio are on a low volume you could turn your sound off yours and watch the same show. I would not recommend this to anyone unless this was your only option before saint clair village, I suppose it has to be safer than there. The rent was 550 when I moved in but it is now $625.00. She says because of the gas bill but there is no heat.. dont waste your money, or give yourself the aggravation. Ohh onenlast thing when I was moving in the news crews were here doing a story about a man who was on trial in november for breaking in to several of the apartments and raping women..
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Greentree Village

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