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Mckee Place Apartments



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kcmck • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
But if you're on top of things and start looking in January, definitely DO NOT SETTLE ON THESE APARTMENTS! First and foremost, the property manager, Melissa, is extremely rude. When we moved in, she herself told us that we'd always be given at least 24 hours notice if anyone was to be shown the apartment. The Rights of Re-entry clause in our lease only gives permission for PRG staff to enter the apartment without notice for maintenance emergencies, so we're supposed to be notified for any other reason, and notices are supposed to be left in writing on our apartment door. So what does Melissa do? She knocks on the door, waits a whole three seconds, and then barges in to try and show my apartment without giving any advance notice, and then tries to claim that there's some special thing we have to fill out for them to give us any sort of heads-up, and also tries to claim that it's because she doesn't have any contact number for us. Yet she knew which apartment and which building she was showing, and she finally gave up and gave me a rude "Fine. I'll just go show another apartment!" and I could hear her whining about me out in the hallway. Maintenance left the doorknob off of the front door of the building for 4 days, compromising the security and safety of all tenants in the building. There are obviously wooden boards underneath the carpeting that are probably there to cover up holes in the floor. The oven is too small to cook a pizza in, the fan in the bathroom leaks water into the toilet below when the upstairs neighbors take long, hot showers. Someone didn't know how to properly mount the closet door into the frame, either, as regular screws were used instead of drywall screws, resulting in the door suddenly falling out of the frame and my almost getting crushed by it. PRG rents out parking spaces to people who don't even live here, making it difficult for actual residents to be able to park anywhere. And the rental office is closed if something is even slightly inconvenient, probably because of Melissa. This was the best apartment we could find because we waited until May to start looking, and there are plenty of much crappier apartments to be had in Oakland, but if you're looking in January or February, don't settle for PRG. And wherever you go, obviously read the lease and really really pay attention to the apartment when you tour it.
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Mckee Place Apartments

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