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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2007
Many of the comments you have read here are very true. A bunch of my friends and I moved here because we were fooled. When asking the rental agent what kind of people lived here, her comment is "many different types." Well the only type you see are low income people and there are scattered medical, graduate, college students who you probably don't see because they are afraid to leave their apartment at night. The office people have you fooled from the start. I haven't seen the drug deals but there are many domestic disputes in my building where the cops have been called a number of times. There is a sign in the stairwell that says "please do not urinate in the hallways." I noticed there were "wet" stains but never did I ever think it would be urine. There have been cars just parked at the best spots around our building but they are gone since they inforced this parking permit rule. The laundry facilities are lacking. Usually they are full and the one machine is leaking water everywhere. I see a maintenance person cleaning the main hallways but the carpets on the floors could use some cleaning. The windows are paper thin. I live right by a major bus stop and the first couple days I couldn't sleep because of the buses. I'm used to it now but it's still a pain because of the people at the busstop who don't have any common courtesy to talk in a normal tone of voice. There are some crazy people that get dropped off here and start yelling. Also a lot of kids are outside a lot with nothing better to do. I swear they do not go school at all. We have gotten notices regarding the Thiess Center which has had problems with people shooting at their vans. <br><br>When we moved in, many appliances did not work. They swear the carpet was cleaned however it was crusty in some areas, kind of gross. Our shower didn't work and still doesn't really work right. Our toilet keeps running even after someone "repaired" it. The heat was on in the summertime and some days it isn't even on and this is winter. <br><br>If you plan on staying in your apartment and never leaving, I'd say sure go for it. Otherwise don't be fooled by the new looking buildings. They are nice on the outside, but once it's dark that's when all the sketchy people come out and all the domestic disputes happen. I would try and find someplace where the company is better. <br><br>Also if you want to really know what the company is like in this area, the main office is also the recreation center for many church and public service meetings.
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