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Prospect Park Rental Office



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/07/2002
prospect park is very cheap. <br>it is also very close to the century III mall area. <br>it is also on the busline. <br> <br>However, the apartments are dirty, are infested with bugs and have outdated appliances. The one bedroom apartments are really small. the kitchens are pretty much in a big closet, so your livingroom basically functions as part kitchen, dining room, tv room, computer room, etc. (and it´s only about 15´x15´. <br> <br>The walls and ceilings are pretty thin. I can hear my neighbors watching pornos (or having sex) and i often hear music or tv´s. <br> <br>There are a lot of strange people in the neighborhood and I am at times afraid to enter the apartment building alone. <br>There usually arent any problems with the police, but some buildings are insecure and some apartments are broken into. <br> <br>One of the biggest drawbacks for me is that i feel as though i am a stranger in a foreign land here. Every one is foreign. No one speaks english and i hate it. I used to always talk to my neighbors, but now i can´t because when i try to they always say "i dont speak english" or something in their native language. <br> <br>i´d prefer to live somewhere i can actually feel like i´m part of a community.
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Prospect Park Rental Office

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