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Washington Plaza



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2007
Before moving in, I would seriously consider<br>reading the negative reviews. I can sympathize since I have lived through similar experiences with the exception of the lady that died in her apartment and festered in there for two weeks with out notice!<br><br>The week that I moved in, I was scheduled to have a furniture delivery. When I went down to let management know so that I could reserve an elevator, I was told that was not possible. <br><br>I said that it is possible since my truck was coming in 24 hours and they can pay for the returned shipment. Needless to say, I got my furniture, but had to deal with a 24 hour battle with management in order to do so.<br><br>Elevators are in constant use, someone has them blocked off almost weekly to move in or out and each ride is wall to wall. Good luck with groceries, carts to move your things upstairs are few and far between. <br><br>To add insult to injury, my toilet was failing to flush. I needed to fill up a bucket, take the lid off my toilet and manually fill it to flush it. This continued, for a week, so much for the 24 hour repairs! <br><br>There are tenants that sneak in at last 20 of their closest relatives and friends to park, swim, party and most importantly do laundry! <br><br>We need to rise by at least 7 AM on the WEEKEND in order to have our laundry done for the upcoming week, I work over 65 hours per week and would enjoy at last 2 days to sleep in, not here if you are a fan of clean clothes, not here. With the laundry facility located at the bottom of the building, not one per floor, it gives a new meaning to the word "communal". <br><br>I have been in there on several occasions to find people actually guarding 90% of the washers and dryers, while they were in use- all of them! Not to mention the amount of carts and trash bags that she has transported all of the extra laundry to wash for half of her neighborhood. I have lost TWO sets of pajamas and a few pair of underwear. There are sick people here that steal clothes out of the washers and dryers.<br><br>It is located downtown, but the hike down the hill had given me a new appreciation to the few cabs that float around the city. <br><br>Keep looking, you will find salvation in city living, somewhere else! I am free in a few months.......... <br>
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Washington Plaza

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