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Autumn Park Apartments



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nikychicky63 • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/06/2013
This apartment complex is disgusting. Full of drunks. Bed bugs, mice, roaches and you must pa for your own extermination. The water is a scam and your water bills are $100.00 monthly. There is no meter and they make up a price to charge. It's FILTHY and I hope no one else will children will even move here. I feel SO sorry for any child around that trash. I CANNOT wait for my lease to be up. I will have to throw away everything I own so I don't take their bed bugs with me. My 3 year old so was sent to the nurse 3 times this year for bed bug bites all over his back and they refuse to take care of it. I am having to save for an exeterminator that probably will not get rid of the problem because no other unit it being treated. Please take your family somwhere else so you won't live through the hell I am living in. Also, all the good reviews are management. Read the negative reviews, they are SO honest.
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Autumn Park Apartments

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