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Edgemont Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/26/2003
READ THIS IF YOUR LOOKING INTO EDGEMONT TERRACE-----SERIOUSLY <br> <br> <br>We have lived in Edgemont Terrace for exactly a year and now that we were in the process of moving closer to my fiance´s job Salem Management Co which oversees this apartment is making this relocation a nightmare. Our lease was for a year but in the lease in small print it states that if you move out before 2 years you have to pay a re-painting fee of 225.00 even though it is a 1 year lease. Also they gave us the option of month to month then stated it was an extra 50.00 per month on top of the regular rent, also not in the lease. Then after giving the option for month to month they called 1 month before the lease was up and stated we could not do month to month and had to be out in 30 days. Thank God we had started looking early for a new apartment and already had one lined up. <br> The problem was that there would be five days between when we had to be out of Edgemont Terrace and could move into the new apartment. Salem Management stated that if we stayed the 5 days then we would have to pay a full $780.00 in rent plus the 50.00. FOR 5 DAYS!!!! <br> So basically we owe Salem Management $25.00 so far and they told my Fiance, "yes you do owe us $25.00 and we haven´t even done the walk through yet." In addition to this the apartments are presented nicely but as soon as you move in everything starts falling apart. <br>-Tiles off the shower. <br>-Sliding screen door was broken when we moved in and is still broken even with many calls into maintenance. <br>-Dishwasher leaked and sinks. <br> Basically, we are out the security deposite and I can´t wait to see what they will "find" during the walk through. I would NOT recommend renting any apartment owned by SALEM MANAGEMENT CO. They are very Rude and have no problem making up there own renting laws. I wouldn´t even let my mother or a friend rent from them. <br> On the up side if your into drugs this is the right place for you. While we lived there we were lucky enough to watch a drug raid which involved INS, DEA and any other group with initials. You also get to hear the lovely gun shots from Reading and near the apartment to lull you to sleep. Do yourself a favor and keep looking.
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Edgemont Terrace Apartments

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