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Flying Hills Apartment Corporation



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Roger70 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
The environment of this apartment is great. It is actually in a golf course. You may have your balcony facing a green. <br><br>But before you move in, you need think about followings. <br><br>1. You have to give a month rent as so-called " doceration fee" or whatever name. It is not deposit, you never get it back. The management will tell you that they use the money to clean and redecorate the unit after you move out. But I can tell you, that cost of cleaning the unit is far less than a full month rent. They make money by doing that. So you have to take this cost into your consideration.<br><br>2. They do NOT have washer/dryer and refrigerator in each unit, nor laundry facillity nearby. YOU HAVE TO BUY YOUR OWNs or rent (it is even worse option). It is very rare for apartments. What happen to us is we bought brand new washer/dryer and frige which costed us $1000. When we moved out one year later, we had to sell it at very very cheap price. <br><br>3. The apartment has hardwood floor. It is not bad, but the management requests you to cover at least 75% of the floor with carpet. The truth is that most the units are pretty good, so is the floor. Without laying carpet on top of it, it makes a lot of noise. You have to make sure that your neighbour on top of your unit do that also. <br><br>4. Some minor things. They use very poor shower head, and water pressure is very low. I often feel like Cramer of Seinfield that I can not wash myself clean. And also if you are late for paying the rent. ( I forgot once, just two days). They immediately charge you $20 for the late fee. No mercy. <br><br>5. The neighborehood used to safe. But not now. My friend's car was broken in twice. There was one instance that during one night 20 cars were broken in. The neighbors doubted that maybe there are some "professinals" living in the neighborehood. <br><br>Anyway, this is a nice apartment in term of enviroment but overall it is not that great. You have to think over before moving in especially those extra cost you have to bear.
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Flying Hills Apartment Corporation

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