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readingcommute • Resident 2004 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/25/2016
When I moved into my apartment, it was great. However, recent management changes have turned it into a dump. I have waited for almost four months for a routine repair, despite multiple promises that "it will be taken care of." Building maintenance is a joke - when I first moved in, a very nice gentleman would mop the hallways and dust the hallway window ledges weekly. This hasn't happened in over a year. There are millions of spiders that live in one stairwell, and the building is also infested with mice and bats. The apartment is nearly impossible to heat and cool - I can see the window coverings blow when it is breezy outside (even with the windows closed). The apartment manager only responds to communication when she feels like it. In the winter, "snow removal" consists of a single swipe with a pickup-sized blow down the middle of the parking lot - leaving residents to shovel out paths from the building doors to the parking lot, and more paths to your individual car. The building is moldy, it smells awful, and it is dirty. There is plenty of criminal activity happening in the parking lots. And, don't count on being able to park in the parking lots, as residents from nearby row homes take all the spaces leaving residents to park on 5th street. However, this is a blessing of sorts because of the sheer amount of cars getting broken into and/or vandalized in the parking lot (at least a dozen since this summer). In spite of this concern, management has done absolutely nothing to make the parking areas safer - many of the parking lot lights don't function, and walking from your car to the building door is scary, as is the fact that only one dim light functions in the lobby at night, which is creepy at best, and hazardous at worst. This is a great community for smokers - there is a group of them that huddle around the building doors and smoke, which leaves the rest of the world to experience the joys of secondhand smoke inhalation just to enter the building. Two reports (that I know of) have been made to the city building codes enforcement this year - one for having no lights in a stairwell (which was a big deal because the elevator was broken for more than a week), and having plastic bags taped over the smoke detectors in the hallway while it was being painted. This wouldn't have been a major concern, except the bags were left there overnight after the painters had stopped working - it was left like this for several days. My apartment has an urban feel, and in spite of multiple things being broken (appliances were manufactured in the 70s), I have enjoyed its uniqueness. However, the rent steadily rises, and the conditions just keep getting worse. I found a suburban apartment for the same amount of rent in a reputable complex (5 stars) and will be moving there as soon as my lease expires. If you are considering renting at Riverloft, please do some research - talk to some of the residents, hang out in the "park" (if you can find a bench that's not broken or covered in drug paraphernalia), and look for other options. There are better ones out there.
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