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Berkshire Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/13/2018
So many neighbors dont curb dogs, I have one particular neighbor every morning and evening would walk away from their own back area in front of my patio or neighbor's (Two and three doors away ) to let their dog urinate and dedicate like clock work every morning and evening. So, we could NEVER use our are to cookout or allow children to play in grass. In fact because of the constant trash and dog waste in the common area in front and back we just never used these areas. It amazed me that they would actually leave their area and use other's back area, occasionally curb, and walk back to their own area, they left clean with no conscious. We loved the complex as the majority was very well maintained by neighbors and staff with upkeep of their garden, decoration etc . .However, it seemed we had the luck of the draw with a block that dropped trash where they were that my husband collected every morning. (Nice retirement hobby). LOL Chalk writings on front of homes - on the actual front of the homes and never cleaned. We had to wash it off of our townhome about 5 times before it stopped. Then there was the loud music on the occasional weekend and weekday until 12:30 to 1:00 am. ( But no one minds a little party, just be considerate of the neighbors that do have to work and have children. ) The only issue with the office (not necessarily staff but management) was we only needed a (Signed a Short-Term-Lease) as we are relocating and purchasing a home (We Prepaid in Full) We were told if we needed to extend our lease it could only be for the same exact term but then later got a letter that stated we had to sign a one year lease! We didn't get to see the unit we were actually leasing and therefore didn't have a pre-walk-through, So, we just kept our fingers crossed that our real estate deal didn't require more time or we would be in very hard position being given two different answers. However, things seem to be going well and for the most part I would recommend Berkshire, but try to pick your unit area prior to moving in. The staff can do so much, and as residence some of it is the responsibility of the resident. Pick up your trash, behind yourself and your kids and I wish the office were a little more envolved on that part. We had a maintainence male 'accidentally' walk in my living room while I was half dress. He said he had the wrong unit. (Embarassing, I'm NEVER dressed!) I will miss Mr. Softy and the sounds of the children playing. The office staff were professional, and each of our experiences had been pleasant. We never had an issue with anything operational in the unit, like ac, stove etc. We had an electric unit and our bill remained around $150-200 (A family of 5, daily wash, cooking, cleaning and entertainment. We didn't pay for water and never had an issue with hot water. They are very liberal with the trash collecting. Another means of saving money as you don't pay for this as well. (So, imagine my confusion as to why one couldn't pick up a darn water bottle and trash from front yard with a dumpster less than 200ft away!!!!! We were provided a washer and dryer so didn't need to use the Laundry facility but there was one available as well as a a gym on grounds. If I were here longer I would have loved to help do some community things or start some programs as honestly this is a lovely community despite some of the negative reviews and the occasional neighbor issues. It could be worst. I attempted to address each subject others had addressed. We are offering our candid and honest review of our stay thus far and I am wide awake because my neighbors just finished their party about 30 minutes ago. ROFL! Yes, it's 1:00am. Keeping in mind we are haven't come to the official end of our lease yet or done the walk-through and the refund process yet. However, if it goes as everything else has gone I pray the follow-up of our review will simply be a conclusion and continuation of our experience so far.
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Berkshire Hills

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