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Alexander Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/24/2002
The apartment itself was nice enough, if not a little bit small. The main problem was the apartment building across the street, Cedarbrook, which is owned by the same realtor. This other building featured balconies and its occupants were _very_ loud every day of the week, all hours of the day. Despite numerous complaints to both the realtor and the police, the noise never ceased. This apartment building also controls what time of the year tennants may use their air conditioners, so as the weather cools off, the shut off your air conditioner. Unfortunately, the date the AC is shut off is not determined by the actual weather patterns, and instead by a set date. When they shut our AC off in mid September, it was still warm, we were forced to open our windows for air, and then we were subjected to the noise of the realtor´s other property across the street. It was a lose lose situation. With the window open, the other building generally makes it impossible to even hear your own television at max volume. In addition to this, the building across the street also started several nationally-recognized (CNN coverage) riots -- including throwing bottles at police officers and starting large bonfires. <br> <br>Alexander court is a well-maintained building with no shortage of ammenities, but its location outweighs most of the positives. Shame on the realtor, AW&Sons.
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Alexander Court

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