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Chris_K990 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2017
A terrible company to deal with. They charge a security deposit up front. I have always known security deposits to be for damages when a tenant moves out. This is what is indicated in the lease. However, after students depart, they have an inspector, supposedly, go around and check the premises. They charge for minor cleaning which involves "wiping a finger across a surface" and if dust appears, they deduct out of the security deposit. I would think it is their responsbility as landlords to routinely clean in between tenants anyway. Additionally, dust settles within 5 minutes...I am sure dust settles in between a student moving out to when the inspector arrives to the apartment. Is it fair to penalize the college student for this when they have to pay a high cost for college already? Lastly, they have been known to enter apartments without prior notification. This also is indicated in their lease but is not legal! Contact the Attorney General's office if you have had problems with this. If you want to voice concerns, contact the Attorney General's office or Better Business Bureau. ARPM are terrible to deal with. They won't reply with phone calls and very delayed in their email response. Even if you write a dispute letter, it takes forever for them to respond and they won't do anything anyway. You have to fight till your last breath to have anything resolved. If you have your choice of apartments, go somewhere else. Otherwise, protect yourself and take lots of pictures upon existing the apartment! Have proof!
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