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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 11/27/2005
I live in one of the duplex buildings that line S. Atherton between Pizza Hut and Waupelani. Associated Realty manages a lot of these buildings for anonymous owners, and they do a fair job. By virtue of being a property management company and not the actual owners, they sometimes give us the runaround on getting things fixed, if they're more complicated than leaky faucets. For example, the front door needs replacing and they won't do it because that falls under the category of major renovations and not maintenance.<br><br>Physically, the place is in decent shape, though not sparkling new by any means. The windows are drafty but the hardwood floors are in decent shape. The full basement gets damp when it rains hard. The kitchen is small for two people to use simulataneously, but otherwise adequate.<br><br>Maintenance has always been prompt when I call with real problems. When our fridge broke they got us a new one the next day. They recently replaced our stove for no apparent reason, though the new one also developed dead burners in a few months. Things that they deem non-essential can sometimes take a while, like when we developed water damage from a big storm they didn't repaint for like six months.<br><br>Because these are isolated buildings the only noise problems are from the other unit in your building. We haven't had any problems with any of the three other tenants in there. Since we each have our own entrances, I rarely see them. Most of these unit are occupied by graduate students or young professionals.<br><br>The yard is small and by virtue of being ON Atherton it's no good for pets, which they don't allow in our unit anyway. The road noise is my one real complaint about the place, but we all got used to it pretty quick. With the exception of the ambulances and fire engines that sometimes come by with sirens blaring late at night. This happens far more frequently than you might think.<br><br>They do periodic inspections for things like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, but they've been really good about sending letters ahead of time to announce that they'll be in your home, so you can clean up or hide your illegal activities before they get there. <br><br>It's technically a 2.5 bedroom house, which basically means the third bedroom is half as big as the other two. We've always had three people there and it's worked out fine.<br><br>--- Realty doesn't provide any lawn care for these places, so the grounds are as nice as you keep them. You mow your own lawn and shovel your own snow, and you get a ticket from the city if you forget.<br><br>Overall I'd say they do a decent job of property management, but nothing that would make me actually like their staff or want to rent from them again. The office people are professional and occasionally friendly, but they've also pissed me off a time or two, so I can't recommend them on that count.
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