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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
To be honest, there were both good and bad things about living in the apartment I rented from Falk realty. <br><br>I will start with the good. For State College, the rent was nice and cheap for a good-sized apartment. The walls were nice and thick which meant I never heard a neighbor my two years there.<br><br>The bad. I could never take a warm shower over 10 minutes. I told the managers many times, and in their defense they tired to replace the hot water heater, but in the end they just said that is the way it was. In addition, the exhaust fans in the bathrooms are connected to the adjacent apartments. What this means is that when your neighbor turns his/her fan on, it simply reverses your fan sucking in the air from their apartment. My neighbor smoked in their bathroom and would turn the fan on; this would fill my apartment with the small of cigarette smoke. Once again I told management and the answer was the same, a there is nothing we can do about it shrug.<br><br>These are some large annoyances to have to put up with for cheap rent. I will let you decide.
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Falk Realty

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