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Lions Gate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2002
Overall,Lion´s Gate is nice enough, but there are a few problems. The beautiful hardwood floors unfortunately lend themselves to large nests of carpenter ants that surface periodically in large, disgusting waves throughout the year. Large holes behind the stove and cracks between the wall and floor provide ample opportunity for the ants, spiders, and even mice to enter. The walls are thin, and so are the floors, so we can hear our neighbors well, which is not a good thing. The bedrooms are large, as are the closets, but other things are annoying: For example, the gas oven heats up the apartment so much that the smoke detector goes off every time we use it. Only some of the apartments are equipped with peepholes, and the locks on the doors are shabby. Some of the doors in the apartment are warped and do not close. <br>However, the maintenance staff is quite good and responds quickly. <br>My main problem is that I have become very ill from living here. At first, we thought it was the waves of smoke thar rose through the floors. But after hundreds of dollars of medical tests, the doctor determined that the building where I lived, LION´S GATE, must have mold. AKA, SICK BUILDING SYNDROME. They should not even be renting in these buildings unless they are deliberately trying to make their residents very ill. <br>Be prepared to be gouged on your security deposit, even if you leave the apartment in better condition than when you moved in.
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Lions Gate Apartments

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