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Lions Gate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
When I moved into Lion's Gate everything looked good with the apartment. They do a nice job of keeping the complex well landscaped and for the most part, clean. The neighbors (at least the ones I had) kept to themselves and seemed to be mainly older students/professionals. <br> Still, it didn't take long for some major problems to emerge. The buildings are very old and things break constantly. I am always contacting maitenance, and while they do promptly arrive to look at the problems, I've found that never really fix anything permanently and have to be called again and again. The walls are very very thin, when people are walking around in the hall outside it sounds as though they are actually in your apartment which (especially at night) can be frightening. Living on the bottom floor has proved extremely inconvienient, the noise is terrile and it constantly sounds as thouhgh our upstairs neighbor is walking around (even at 6 am) with cement blocks strapped to his feet. The management is intrusive on all occasions except when it comes to promptly fixing problems within the apartments. They will charge you for everything, the apartments are overpriced, and though they claim there is 'free' parking, expect Helen the office manager to give you a hard time and threaten to tow your car if the car's registration is not in your last name (as mine was) and unless you bring in a proof of sale to legally demonstrate that it belongs to you(I did not enjoy being treated like a criminal, especially since my rent paid for the use of TWO parking spaces, and I only had one car.) Going into the office to deal with the office management is somewhat unproductive, they will smile, act friendly and give you good new to your face but rip you off at any chance they have. One of their "free" perks is heating, but alas, the boilers are broken so expect frigid conditions in your room when the weather is in the 20's. Though they claim the boilder is fixed, there is no heat and since that is the one free service they provide, your outta luck. Heat and hot water is a constant problem, and being as the boilers are old and faulty the showers will run painfully hot and freezing cold without warning. I have been burned more than once. <br>Overall, Lion's Gate looks quite nice from the outside, but you will be disappointed at how little a lot of money will buy you here. I strongly advise looking elsewhere, it is a shame to let these corrupt people decieve people into renting here and then take your money with false promises.
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Lions Gate Apartments

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