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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
I have never had so many problems living in one place. It all started when I moved into my apartment I was told that it woulod be cleaned and painted before I moved in. I walked in and there was an Iron mark on the floor a hole in my shower, poop in my toliet. I went down to the office and they did send someone up immediately. Cause I will say that the maintence staff and the maintence staff alone is great. My roommates had issues with the person I was living with. They wanted me to come down and talk to the office to basically cover their asses since it was drug related. I signed a letter stating that I was aware of the drugs and although didnt care if my roommate moved out or not I wanted this confidential. Lori, who if you ask anyone is the most miserable person alive, spoke to my roommates mom and said that I had signed this document. Some of you may argue that yes they have to do something about this but no my roommates mom did not sign the lease or co-sign. So after huge drama again I say created by Lori we were told that we were to switch apartments within less than 24 hours. Basically we were told at 5 and our scheduled move out was at 1. My roommates and I had classes and it was so messed up that we had to move all of our stuff into the living room and plan around the Meridians schedule. At 1 went down to get our keys and Lori stated to us that she decided that my drug roommate should move out instead of us. So basically make us pack up all of the apartment when we have classes and stuff and then say oh you dont have to move out. So then Lori told us that WE had to find a roommate by the end of the month so that we didnt have to pay extra. Totally understandable. However, 2 days later Lori knocks on our door and tells us that she is moving someone in. Umm hello what happened to us finding the roommate. So, that was August to November, after that things cooled down until December. We went home for spring break and my mother paid the rent check. She was off by 2 dollars. Meaning she was under. Lori charged us $35 dollars. My mom complained that it was ridiculus for 2 dollars. No one got back to her. My mom called 2 months later and Lori told her that her son, me, was a liar and that we had already spoken and that she would need to talk to me. So come the saturday before move out day. I came home to find that my oven and fridge(which had food in it) were sitting in my entry way. I had no idea why then I looked at the apartment and they had torn up the floor and left all the supplies on the counter, living room floor, and then the contractor used a my bathroom to wash his filthy hands and mix some stuff. When I called the maintence staff they said they would do it tomorrow. Long story short finally got them to come in but they put my oven and fridge out of the entry way so I could move out and into the living room. Guess 2 days before you move out they dont want you to cook or have frozen food. The policies need a little more re-working, Lori needs to go, and everything is as expected.
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