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Office Staff
Faeriechilde • Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/25/2006
Overall, I really hated my time living here, mostly due to how snobby and rude Todd Hawbacker, one of the office staff, was to me (and he's the owner's son, so there is no use complaining about him either). During my second weekend in the apartment, I had a few friends over to have dinner and watch a movie. We got the movie started somewhat late, and the walls are really thin, so I guess the neighbor could hear us laughing. The following Monday, I had Todd pounding on my door threatening to evict me if I violated the noise policy again. And he then actually gave me a lecture on how it wasn't appropriate to be having a 'loud party' at 3am. He wouldn't listen to my side of the story at all, and he was incredibly rude to me. He also always seemed to meet any kind of request with a condescending attitude. When the flourescent light in my kitchen died, I asked if the maintenance man could come look at it, and he told me "our maintenance man has better things to do than to go change a lightbulb."<br><br>The apartment itself was mediocre. The carpets were dingy, I constantly had bug problems, and the screens in the windows have a nasty tendency of falling out. In addition, the cheapskates had the heat fixed at a rather low temperature, so the apartment was FREEZING, in the wintertime. I actually had to buy a space heater and wear my jacket inside during the winter.<br><br>The rent was reasonable and there was a lot of parking, so friends could come and visit, so it would have been an OK place to live if it weren't for how awful the office staff was. I really don't want to have to feel like I'm walking on eggshells in my own home, and I don't want my maintenance concerns ignored. <br><br>Bottom line: There are much nicer places for you to live in State College. I moved to Pennwood North after that, and it was 100% better.
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Park Forest Villas

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