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State College Park Apartments



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JillianET • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
Living in State College Park hasn't been bad at all for me. Depending on where you live, it may be noise...i live in Building 8, and seemingly have never heard a neighbor AT ALL. Then again, maybe there are non-partiers below and aside me...but its truly hard to say its noisy all around. I will say, I LOVE THE STaFF. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERATE TO THEm, they will be to you...pretty simple people. <br><br>One thing, they are hiking the prices, and this could be a potential problem, because they truly are small apartments. <br><br>I have never ever had a problem with the internet, nor anything with my utilities. So i have no info on maintenance. O wAIT...SOME guy lit a bush on fire in front of my apt...i called, guy came asap...perhaps they were worried more about the complex...but regardless...they came! <br><br>lets see....O GOSH...needs new windows treatments....i was frozen most of the winter...had to buy a kit to seal my windows...looks kinda bad with plastic but it does work. <br><br>All in all, i would live here again. Great running paths all around if your into that... uummm the gym sucks, so just count on getting a pass at Rec or white building...but i again..<br><br>just like n e other place =) i would do this again
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State College Park Apartments

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