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Barclay Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
Wrong. Seeing this place you would never believe how cruel the staff can be and how they just collect your money and say "$#@#$ off! I never lived here, but my sister did not long ago. The place looks beautiful, and they do try to keep it looking up to date, but this place has many many flaws. I would visit my sister daily for hours at a time and in the evening you could hear mice crawling in the walls and in the ceiling above. Everyday she would clean her counter and everymorning there were mice droppings on it. Not even her cat could keep these creatures away! I'll never forget they day it snowed so bad the farthest home I could make it was her house. I was windy and freezing. When I walked into the building hallway it seemed warm, once I walked into her apartment it waslike I stepped back outside again. Her home thermometer read 48 degrees, the next day when we called the office, they came with theirhermometer and said it read 62 degrees. The Maintainace guys says, thats only 6 degrees below legal temperature, just turn your stove on the heat is on a thermostat, it will be on shortly. Was he joking?? No. He was dead serious. Sadly my sister ran into a financial problem with school, (college will rob you blind until you graduate so you don't have to live in places like this!) we called the office and the office woman assured us she would not file for eviction if the rent plus late fees were paid by wendnesday morning..no later than 9 o'clock were her exact words. We go to the office tuesday morning at 8:30, and she says.."oh too late I filed for eviction yesterday at 2:30." That was a 4 hours after we spoke to her. She acted as if she had no knowledge of her saying wendnesday at 9:00. Make a long story short she had to pay even more money when it was all said and done due to the lies told at the office. They are unprofessional. I would not reccoment this place at all. I heard stories, but i watched a member of my family live it. she ran as quickly as she could. If you don't mind mice crawling into your fresh food, cabinets or countertops, and you don't mind rude staff from the company you give hundreds of dollars to every 4 weeks, and you don't mind the police always crawling in your hallways, and you don't mind being cold all winter long, then hey go for it!!!!
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Barclay Square Apartments

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