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Gardens Management Incorporated



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/20/2007
I reccomend you review all these reviews very closely before deciding to suck it up and move in. No one moves here for the glamorous life. Granted it may look peaceful during the day, but by night gunshots, druggies and police run the block. Your hard earned money is given to the clowns over there in that office. They are a true disgrace to the name management. You give these people your hard earned money every four weeks, and the only thing you will surely recieve from them is rudeness from the manager, and the run arounds from his secretary. They don't care about you, all they want is money. Unevenly paved side walks, crooked stair and door ways are a hazzard. At any given moment you could bust your but at your front door, because the workmanship here is very poor.<br>Listen to me when I tell you the heat & hot water are broken at least once a month. What a coincidence that these are the same utilities included in your rent. You will come home from work to a cold apartment-sometimes with water not even hot enough to take a shower in. And when the heat comes on, its only on for a half hour several times a day. That is no way to heat an aparment in the winter with cement walls. Soon as the heat goes off, your apartment is freezing until it comes on again several hours later. Do not move in here with your kids. Don't do that to them, there is hardly enough room here for yourself let alone a child. There are many apartments in this area, find another one more suitable. Parking is a disaster. Your neighbors will not be kind when they unload their groceries. They will park thier car in the middle of the street, even if there is parking. Then want to beat you up if you need to get down the street. This place is a revolving door of tenants. Some come and go within the same month. Many of my neighbors have confided, they feel when they are at work, that someone else has been inside their apartment. Management should have a reason for entering your dwelling. These people will either deny it or make up a reason for violating you. Don't get me wrong they do reserve the right, after your knowledge, unless it is an emergency. If you are stuck here, read your lease, get a lawyer (call leagal aid), and get out! If you have not moved here yet, save yourself the drama and run the other direction!
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Gardens Management Incorporated

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